My Hair

We are often identified by our hair whether it be by color, texture, or length.  I have spent most of my life with long hair and was able to wear it curly or straight depending on my mood (or how much time I had).  When I heard the word Chemotherapy thrown into my impending treatment regimen, I immediately knew I would face losing my hair.  Losing your hair seems like such a huge deal (and it is no small deal for sure) until it is your only choice in order to ensure that you are alive to see your kids grow up.  There was no other option than to roll with it and have fun as my hair took a little journey of its own.

Just before my double mastectomy, my wonderful hairstylist, Megan gave me an adorable bob cut (left). We felt this would be easier to maintain since showering was going to be tricky following surgery.  Then as strands of hair began to fall out, I got the pixie cut (top right) to help transition to the shaved look.  When the clumps started falling out making a mess of our bathroom, we gathered the kids around and made it a family event to shave my head (middle right).  Once the hair was gone, I opted to wear hats and scarves and not purchase a wig.  My girlfriends threw a "Hat and Scarf Party" for me so I would have plenty of options to cover my head.

When my hair finally started to grow back, my worst fear that it would all be gray came true.  In fact it came back gray with a large patch of white on the top (top left). Funny how your worst fear seems silly when you are happy just to have hair. As soon as it was long enough, Megan helped me cover the grays with some copper tones (top right).  My hair continues to grow and I look forward to trying out many different styles (and colors) as it grows out.

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  1. Ohhh Blessings Kara, I can't believe how adorable you are in each season of hair loss. Your different cuts are so beautiful and you look wonderful!

    I'm sure that this was a difficult change and trial in your life. I dropped by from "31 days" and read your intro... and then this! I so agree with your opening thoughts.

    Looking forward to reading more of your journey. My biological sister
    is a cancer survivor and went through the same double whammy but she never shared this journey with me and she's now 65. So this will give me a better pink perspective and understanding. I have another blog friend,Elaine Olsen, that just wrote her 2nd book, "Beyond Cancer's Scars", in case you don't know her, her blog was the name of her 1st book, "Peace for the Journey". Both are great although I'm sure that the 2nd journey was no so great!

    Well, Warrior, press on and claim and declare your victory as you share for 31 days. May God's loving hand of total healing be upon you and His aMazing Grace surround you.

    Peace, Love and Grace in Jesus,