Thursday, June 26, 2014


One of the many things I have learned from my breast cancer journey is to slow and take time to honor where I have been. For me, it is all about remembering, and with remembrance comes great gratitude to see how The Lord has and always does provide.

In some ways it seems silly to honor a house. After all, isn't my home really in heaven anyway?

But as I reflect on why I am so emotional about the sale of my childhood home, I realize it is not about honoring four walls and a roof, it's about honoring the story of lives lived within those walls and a roof. It is about a love that filled it, a love that let me know I was secure and always accepted.

Not all can say they lived in one spot most of their lives, but I did. And even when life took me to other places for a season, there was great comfort in the fact that I could always come home. It has become home to my husband through the years, and it continues to be a place my kids can't wait to get to.

The memories that were made within are too many to count. Many include soccer balls in the front yard with my two older brothers, and now my son.

The life lessons and “could have done things better” moments were abundant. Thank goodness for forgiveness and a soft, safe place to land.

The people that have spent time there (and been blessed by their time spent) are more than I could ever recollect. Hospitality has always been done well there.

As I prepare to say goodbye to this precious place in less than a week, I cling to the fact that it is not at all about walls and a roof. It is about the love, the security, the memories, the lessons, the hospitality, and most importantly the people. The walls and roof will stay…and that is hard. Gratefully, all the others don't…and that is grace.

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