Friday, August 31, 2012

My 35th Birthday

All I wanted was to spend my birthday at the beach. After all it is my happy place and birthdays are meant to be happy, right? I enjoyed a grueling workout in the wee hours with Blake so I could go out to indulge in my favorite meal of the day with Blake and the kids before he went off to work. I had the car packed and we were headed for the shore as soon as possible. You know that phrase, "Come hell or high water..."? Well that is a little how I felt about getting to my happy place. Except when that high water can only be crossed by a big bridge that has the potential for delays due to unscheduled maintenance and inspection. As I drove up upon the stand still traffic at the toll plaza, I wanted to cuss but instead i considered the last year of my life. I was reminded that God's timing is perfect and He loves when we bring Him our every concern, even the silly ones about traffic. I had others praying too! And at just the right time when my bladder and my kids were both screaming at me, there was an opening to my left and I could see the "authorized vehicles only" turn around ahead. I authorized myself to use it and we were suddenly free! I am not gonna lie it stung a bit to not get to spend my entire day at the beach but if i hadn't had that time in my car looking at taillights, I might not have stopped long enough to appreciate something...Birthdays are meant for celebration, but not of me as much as of the One that created me and holds my life in His hands. All in all, it was a good day that ended at my happy place surrounded by a few of my happy people with a belly full of yummy pizza and ice cream.

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