Monday, October 31, 2011

God's Response for Me

I have received wonderful feedback regarding my last journal entry and would appreciate more.  However, I wanted to share how the Lord answered my last journal entry.  Forgive me for quoting it again but on Sunday morning, Jesus Calling said "Quietness is the classroom where you learn to hear my voice....When you step back into the mainstream of life, strain to hear those glorious bells, I am with you. I am with you. I am with you."  "When you step back into the mainstream of life.." It is as if He was directly speaking to my last journal entry. In other words, when your treatment is complete and you resume life as normal, set aside quiet time every day to hear My voice telling you I am with you. Guess I know where I will be spending my early mornings...

Later on Sunday morning we watched our church service online.  Pastor Pat spoke about remembering that God is the Great Rescuer. Jews use Passover as a celebration to remember that God was their Great Rescuer from the plague of the firstborn in Egypt.  Then Jesus gave us the Last Supper and specifically the Bread and Wine to remember that He rescued us from sin and death. Jesus has been my Great Rescuer ultimately through what He did on the cross but also in my present journey through Breast Cancer. Perhaps I will use July 29th (the day I was diagnosed) or my last day of treatment as a special day of remembrance in the years to come. One thing is certain, from this journey on Communion will hold even greater significance for me.  

I couldn't help but include a picture of my little elephant and chinese girl. I was so happy to be feeling well enough to fully enjoy all the Halloween festivities. 

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