Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Long-Awaited Vacation

If there were ever a need for a pause button, it was while on our first family vacation since treatment for breast cancer. With the exception of last year's trip, which was cancelled because of my treatment, we have vacationed in Carolina Beach, NC for the last eight summers with my best friend (since we were five) and her family.

The husbands sort through numerous internet listings to find us the perfect beach house.  If you have ever vacationed at the beaches of North Carolina, this is what the homes tend to look like.
They are built so tall in order to capture amazing ocean views that an elevator is often a necessity.

The days are spent swimming in the ocean and digging in the sand while we catch up on the last year of life.  

There is a list of traditions that must be fulfilled including a marathon grocery run for the guys,
Carolina BBQ at Jackson's, Squigley's ice cream, breakfast at the famous Britt's Donuts, golf for the guys, dinner out for the girls, and a walk through downtown Wilmington.  

We have made an extra effort to get away for weekend trips but the truth is we were starving for a vacation.  And although it feels like the week went by in a blink, we are so grateful for the memories that were made, the relationships that were deepened and the refreshment our souls experienced.  

Do you have plans to get away and make memories with your family this year? 

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