Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Several weeks ago I was invited by two of my sweet friends to go watch the sunrise on the beach.  It wasn’t my first sunrise, but it was the first since walking my journey. No doubt about it, the Lord met me there that morning, and ever since I have been hooked.  Since we are on vacation at the beach this week, it was definitely in my plans to enjoy a few sunrises.  As I was taking in today’s sunrise, I realized a few reasons why I love it so much:

It requires a bit of sacrifice but makes the experience that much greater.

No two sunrises are ever the same and yet the end result is always the same.

 With each blink, the sky changes.

 Even with the clouds, the beauty remains and often makes it even more beautiful.

 The water reflects the glory of the sun.

 If you leave too soon, you may miss the most spectacular view.

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  1. We're traveling today and I'm enjoying catching up on your caringbridge site and now your blog. I love how you chronical the journey of your hair. So glad you've started this blog so I can continue to follow your story. From this post my favorite thought is that the beauty of the sunrise remains even with the is life.