Friday, September 30, 2011

Chemo Day 1-2=NO GOOD!

Apparently, I fall into a category that is high risk for post-Chemo nausea. The strong correlation between pregnancy nausea and post-Chemo as well as my age make me more susceptible for experiencing severe nausea.  I kept hearing things like "You'll do great with it." and "The worst days are day 2-5". So when we finished up at 5:30 pm with my treatment and I started feeling pretty strong nausea by 9 pm, I was a bit surprised.  The nausea worsened to the point that there was no question we must go to the ER. I was hooked up to an IV and given anti-nausea medications which allowed about 50% improvement at most, but at least I was able to sleep. We were discharged from the ER at 4:30 am and it wasn't until about 12 noon yesterday that I started to feel like a human again. Blake went to work on about 1 hour of sleep and my parents and aunt took wonderful care of the kids at their house. My mom then took me to see Dr. Garg's Nurse Practitioner, Julie who prescribed an additional anti-nausea medication for me. I already had a few drugs to take but I think I was just beyond the point of return on Wednesday evening. They have a plan for my next round of Chemo but I must admit that I am scared to death considering what I just experienced. The goal is to keep me out of the ER for the future especially as I will be immunosuppressed.  Please pray for that as well as my continued improvement from this bout of nausea. I am slowly gaining strength but continue to be mostly in my bed. 

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