Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thank You Doesn't Seem Adequate

Well, I guess Satan must have read my last journal entry and figured he should press a little harder. Yesterday was Blake's first day back to work, the day I have been dreading for two and a half weeks.  He has taken care of the kids and me so well since my surgery that I feared that I would really be helpless without him. But then my girlfriends and my mom stepped up! They are creating a schedule among them to cover all the hours while Blake is gone from the house for each week. On top of that, we continue to have delicious meals being brought to us 3-4 times a week. If that weren't enough, I have neighbors and friends continuing to walk over, text, email, sign my guestbook and call me to check up on me. I have had my house professionally cleaned as a gift. We have had offers from people to keep my house clean by running a vacuum or scrubbing my tubs, do my nails, knit a hat for me and share books about dealing with Cancer and growing closer to the Lord. I have a team of people forming to walk/run the Race for the Cure in support of meOh I can't forget to mention, one of my dear friends that is planning my daughter's 2nd birthday party. I even had a friend help give me a bath the other day. See, when I focus on this stuff, there is no room in my mind for the thoughts that Satan wants to put there. The trivial stuff like ants in my house, an electrical problem, medical bills, and my frustration over watching everyone having to do everything for my kids and me fades into the background.  All I need to know is that I am loved-loved by my Creator and loved by all of you! 

We are so very grateful for all the ways that we have been cared for!  I am a little behind on my thank you notes (and probably will be for a while), but please know we are SO grateful. You are the hands, feet, ears, eyes, etc of Jesus to us (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). I am so blessed by the opportunity to visit with people that I may not be visiting with if I were not on this journey as well.  You are all keeping me going and helping me "resist the Devil" as I go.  

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