Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 12: Keikis

There are many tears being shed today. For the kids, it is mostly because they are overtired. For me, it is because I am overwhelmed. This vacation was definitely a rainbow for me. Maui is quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been. And I got to share this time here with the most beautiful people in my life. As the airplane took off, I looked at the incredible landscape of Maui wondering if this highlight in my life would have meant as much had I not just traveled my cancer journey. Sometimes we don't really know the height until we experience the depths.

We went for one last run around Kaanapali, we ate our breakfast on the lanai, and played by the pool. 
{Blake is looking out at the island of Molokai. I was wondering if he wasn't contemplating why he ever left Hawaii.}

Then we sadly packed up to leave our beautiful condo to head to the airport. We took a few last pictures outside of our condo.

On our way, we took a drive toward the Southern shore of Maui to Kihei and Wailea. Blake spent many fun vacations at the Grand Wailea with his friend, Scott so it was great to be able to get over to see it even if it was just from the car.

My parents got to stay one more night on Maui so hopefully they are enjoying some quiet now. Po Po and Goong Goong traveled back to Oahu with us and we met up with Aunty Erin, Aunty Mercy and Uncle Nick for a delicious Chinese dinner at Kin Wah in Kaneohe. 

Keikis is the Hawaiian word for kids.  A huge part of the joy of this trip was to see the kids having experiences that they haven't had and being with family with whom they have not yet been able to spend time. They could have cared less about the food that we gorged ourselves on, they took little notice of the beautiful landscape but they absolutely loved being with their grandparents, aunties and uncles. 

It is times like this with Blake's family that we wish were not so few and far between.

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