Wednesday, March 6, 2013


While I was hooked up to IV's having chemo drugs infused into my body, a dream was planted in my heart. I would sit with my mom at my side and think of better days ahead. Like a day that we would return to Blake's home and one of our favorite places on earth and finally get to have our kids experience it with us. Now here we are over a year later with cancer in our rearview, making the dream a sweet reality. 

Sweet for so many reasons: 
  • we are surrounded by family (not just Blake's but my parents got to come along too)
  • we escaped the cold and replaced our thick socks with slippers
  • the Authentic Hawaiian and Asians foods are bringing such joy to my husband's face
  • the kids are having experiences that we have been longing for them to have
  • Need I even say it, this is paradise.

This morning I lay in bed in the early morning hours with a chorus of chickens “singing” in the background (there are a lot of wild chickens here) reminded that God is Faithful. He was faithful in the struggle but he is also faithful in the rainbow, the promise that He wants good things for us. Hours later as we were driving home to the North Shore from a refreshing day at Kailua Beach, I looked out the window to see this.  Coincidence?  Not a chance.  

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