Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 8: Mahalo

"Mahalo" means thank you here in Hawaii. It is the best word for today because it is how I feel, thankful. Blake and I have had the opportunity to spend some time alone together in one of our favorite places on earth. It is hardly believable that we are celebrating 10 years of marriage this May. I can't imagine what kind of person I would be without Blake's influence in my life over the last 12 or so years. Blake lives with realistic expectations of circumstances, of people, of life really. I attribute this to dealing with difficult stuff early in his life. But I have learned that his expectations or lack thereof is what frees him. He is not surprised at all by trial, as I was. His relationships are without conflict because he accepts people for what they are…fallen. And perhaps my absolute favorite thing is that he sees good in it all, and there is simply no room for complaint. In the day to day, he points out the positive, and when overwhelming beauty surrounds us as it does now, he allows and encourages me to pause and take it in.

Our stay at the Hyatt Regency was a redemption stay of sorts. The only other time I came to Maui in January of 2005, we planned to stay 3 nights here at the Hyatt. Shortly after we arrived, I got very sick with Strep. I spent the entire time in a bed while Blake tried to entertain himself during a rare bout of rainy days on Maui. One might be discouraged by such a trip and not think of returning. However, we were determined to come back and redeem the past. I think we were able to do just that.
We swam in the pool and went down the waterslide, then sipped Lava Flows poolside.

We explored the grounds of the Hyatt and visited the penguins, flamingos, swans and other lovely creatures they have living there.
We got to do possibly my favorite thing to do on any island in Hawaii-eat a breakfast buffet with scenery like this.  I was so stuffed until dinner.

It was great to have some time alone but it was also great to get back to our favorite people.  We reunited with everyone in time to have dinner at Aloha Mixed Plate in Lahaina.  

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