Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day to Grieve

I am thankful to say that there are only a few times I feel like I have truly grieved in my life.  My most recent recollection of grieving occurred 2 years ago to the day when I walked with a dear friend through the loss of her baby boy when she was 36 weeks pregnant.  If there is one thing I know beyond all else in walking this journey so far, I know that our God is in control of all things and nothing occurs that is not by His design.  Just as July 29th holds great significance for my dear friend, it now holds great significance for me as the day I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Just as I watched my friend choose to be refined by the trial, I will choose to be refined by this trial.  

This day is also significant in that it is a Friday, the day that Jesus went to the cross. There is no question that this day is the hardest day of my life so far.  But after walking through this day, I am better able to identify with how Jesus himself felt that Friday and His suffering means that much more. Fortunately, the story doesn't end on Friday. The fact that He was resurrected and conquered death 3 days later is what allows me to have the HOPE that I have. 

Proverbs 23:18 NIV "There is surely a future HOPE for you, and your HOPE will not be cut off."

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