Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Learning to Let Go

When baby #2 comes along, people tell you how different he/she will be from your firstborn. I thought I understood that concept, but then we found ourselves expecting certain things to be true that just weren't. We expected Kalea would sleep through the night at 2 months cause after all her sleep champ of a big bro did.  We expected that we wouldn't have to baby-proof our new home because after all, Koa just never messed with the cabinets or fell down the stairs. Then we expected that she might say her first word before she turned two cause after all her brother spoke in full sentences and sang entire songs by 18 mos.  But here we are, just shy of a month before turning two and the girl barely says "yea" and "na". Before cancer, this was one of our biggest concerns. 

It would be an understatement to say that our perspective on life has changed since July 29th.  We are more aware that things like our health, financial security, even a car that runs are out of our control. (We were blessed by the challenge of our car battery dying on our way home from Bethany Beach on Sunday night.) We realize there is little that we do have control over and decided that one thing we do have control over is how we spend our time. The television has barely been on (although that might need to change with the start of football season soon), we are reading more, we are talking more, we are praying more and just enjoying time as a family. 

All this to say that I realize I can cut my baby girl some slack. She'll get there.  She may not say much but she sure loves to grab onto our hands and squeeze her eyes shut to pray.  What more could I ask for!  

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