Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13: I really love vacations.

A1A to 312 to 207 to 95. That is how my physical body leaves this place. But I am afraid the rest of me is struggling to know how to leave it. 

I keep trying to put my finger on why this last week has been such an incredible vacation. Is it the rest that we were so desperate for? Is it the beach that we love so much? Is it all the yummy food we splurged on? Is it the comfortable lodging that met our family's needs so well? Is it the town that has come to mean so much to us? Don't get me wrong all of those things helped make it a great time. But I am pretty sure it is all about three people. 

A wise person (my husband) once told me, “our money is best spent on making memories”. As much as I hate to admit, the peeling linoleum floor and the 1980's style laminate countertops can wait if it means memories like the ones we made this last week.

Now for a photo recap:

This is our rental car "Bu" that took us on our great vacation.  Notice it is not a mini-van or a SUV? Right, well it meant closer quarters for our 12 hour drives each way.
This is the St. Augustine sunset sky that greeted us upon our arrival. 
This is one of our favorite spots in our condo.  I enjoyed writing from this balcony many of the days. The kids especially enjoyed the large soaking tub in the master bath. 
If you ask Koa his favorite memory, he would say Mini Golf for sure!
The Alligator Farm was pretty cool too.
I felt like one of those crazy parents taking our kids back to all of our favorite spots and trying to tell them stories of "back when..."
Including this one...the site of our first date
The Lighthouse is another one of those "must see" spots.
It pays to have good friends to visit in St. Augustine who will babysit so you can have a date night....
and give your kiddos a fun tour of the fire station!  Thank you, Purtills! 

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