Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7: My husband is the wind in my sails.

We live right outside of Annapolis, MD where sailing is a huge sport and pastime for many people. As much as I appreciate it, especially when I drive over the bridge that takes us from Annapolis to our home, we don't sail. However, I think I understand it enough to know that without wind a sailboat can't get very far. Shortly after my diagnosis, my husband, Blake and I attended a weekend seminar on marriage. It was entitled The Art of Marriage, and it was a video series that included several authors and speakers offering tidbits of wisdom on marriage. When I heard one of them say, “Your spouse should be like the wind in your sails”, it stuck with me. It stuck with me because it summed up so well how I feel about Blake. I have written about this before here and here so you must forgive me if you have heard me sing the praises of my husband before.

Blake is not big on emotions. He doesn't show them. He struggles to understand them (although he has come a long way). And you certainly will never catch him making a decision based on them. When Blake and I met with my surgeon for the first time and I received my diagnosis, I froze. I was so overcome with emotion that I literally froze. But not Blake. He stayed calm and asked so many appropriate questions of the surgeon. I knew it would be true when she told me that his wisdom would serve me well as I walked through the next year of my life. I just didn't realize that his lack of emotion and wisdom would actually be what carried me through it and kept me going. The lack of emotion part may seem weird considering we were facing cancer, but what I mean is that we had to keep life as normal as possible for our kids so they would know that safety and security I spoke of yesterday. Blake also took great care of me and the kids as I recovered from all of my surgeries and chemo treatments. I love my hometown of Annapolis, and now I love that it constantly reminds me of how blessed I am to have a spouse that is truly the wind in my sails.

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