Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23: I have lost my taste for Drunken Noodle.

We have a “Modern Thai” restaurant in Annapolis called Lemongrass. I don't really enjoy spicy food but I have asked for their Drunken Noodle without spice and boy, is it delicious! It had actually become one of my favorite meals. That was until I ate it the night of my first chemotherapy treatment.

Prior to that first treatment, I attended chemo school. Who knew that existed huh? It was actually a meeting with a nurse who was really lovely but provided some really grim information. “These are the poisons picked out for you. These are all the possible side effects you will encounter from the poisons. These are the pre-meds you will be given so you don't get too sick, but if you do, it doesn't usually happen until day three.” Stuff like that.

My first chemo treatment seemed like a piece of cake initially. Blake went with me. We were taken back to a large private room with a heated recliner and served as many sandwiches and snacks as we could want. We were happy to enjoy some quiet time without the kids while they spent the night with my parents. I think we may have even watched a movie while were there. When we finished up after about 5 hours, we made some plans to have dinner with a couple who had started to mentor us through the whole cancer thing. Our friends picked up Lemongrass for us, and we headed over to their house. After all, the lovely Chemo school nurse said I was supposed to feel fine until day three. {I should have known better. I am the one who was literally nauseous for 9 months straight while pregnant with both of my kids.} Unfortunately, our dinner was quickly cut short when I started to feel terribly sick. Within two hours, we were headed to the emergency room for my severe nausea and vomiting. Needless to say it was the worst feeling I had ever experienced, and I can't quite bring myself to eat drunken noodle again.  

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  1. I can see why that food would have no appeal for you considering those circumstances. I didn't realize there was a chemo school; it makes perfect sense to be educated about what to expect though and I'm sure it saves a lot of questions down the line.

    May Wednesday be a great one!