Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21: Traditions are important!

With the coming of October and the holidays just around the corner, traditions were already on my mind. Then I was invited to a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting the other night in which the topic for the evening was Traditions. The speakers threw out lots of wonderful ideas for traditions to do with our families. However, there were two points made that have stuck with me the most:
  1. Traditions are important because they give a sense of belonging ~ I love the idea of my kids knowing without a shadow of a doubt that they were created to be a part of our family. I want them to always feel secure and know they are important to what makes our family complete
  2. It is important to draw others (extended family, friends, neighbors, etc) into our traditions ~ What a neat way for others to feel a sense of belonging as well!
Those that know me well know I am pretty passionate about traditions. I can get pretty testy when anything messes with my traditions. Cancer did that once, and it did not sit well with me.

This weekend was especially great for me because I got to carry out two of my favorite October traditions.
{The pumpkin patch with friends}

{Race for the Cure with Kara's Krew}

What is your favorite tradition that you do as a family or extended "family"?  


  1. Wonderful traditions you have and you are right, it is so important to have them as a family. My kids are grown now, but I do remember the great traditions we had on Christmas morning, the special breakfast we always had with egg muffins, the sorting of the gifts, reading from the Bible before opening gifts, praying thanking God for Jesus, and then taking turns opening gifts one by one. Some of those traditions I imagine my kids will carry on to their families when they marry and have children and will establish some of their own traditions too :)


  2. Kara~
    Love your blog. Catching up this morning. Thanks for sharing your heart, your journey, and truth with us. It's teaching me lots.