Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18: I don't hate the color pink.

I've gone most of my life not being very fond of the color pink.  I blame my mom.  As her third child and only daughter, she forced pink on me quite often.  She even decided at one point while I was growing up that laying pink carpeting in our entire house was a good idea.  I have never agreed and still look forward to the day it gets replaced.  

I thought it quite ironic when I received my diagnosis, and suddenly my entire world became all about the "pink".  Funny how life has a way of taking you through things and changing your perspective, even about what colors you like! 
It is a slight understatement to say that I am now addicted to all things pink. I might even drive people crazy with it. But I think I have figured out the reason behind my addiction...I am one who needs reminders. I need reminders of the journey I recently traveled.  I need reminders that tomorrow is not guaranteed and I must be thankful for each precious moment. I need reminders that God is Faithful, no matter what. I need reminders that I have sisters out there who are in the midst of fighting the disease. I even need reminders to do my own self-exams. 

So all my pink things...that's what they are, reminders. 

I am really excited to see all the pink this Sunday at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Hunt Valley, MD.  Click here to join Kara's Krew and walk/run with us.  It's not too late to join! 

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