Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: I delight in God's Word.

Several months ago, I came across Psalm 119:92 "If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction." I thought about that word delight and even looked up its definition. Delight means "to bring great pleasure or joy". Before my journey through breast cancer treatment, I read scripture. I even memorized it on occasion but I don't believe it brought me great pleasure.  It wasn't until God used it to sustain me day after day in the midst of my struggle, that I experienced the joy that it was meant to bring me.

I mentioned the other day how the verses marked out in Jesus Calling provided just the encouragement I needed for each day. But I have found another tool that brings me delight in God's Word. As any mom can attest, it is rare that I get to exercise my choice of music while in the car with my kids. About two years ago, my best friend, Stephanie introduced us to Seeds Family Worship. It is a ministry based in Nashville, TN that was started by a team of worship leaders whose mission is to see families come together to hide the Word in their hearts by providing fun, catchy songs in which actual word for word Bible verses are set to music. They have produced several CDs with various themes including praise, faith, character, purpose, encouragement, and purity. We have almost all of them now because we love them that much. In fact, there are times that it is my choice of music even when the kids aren't in the car with me. Seriously, what could be better than my kids getting songs with God's Word stuck in their heads? What's better is that they get stuck in my head as well!

Click to watch a video and listen to an example of one of their songs from Seeds of Courage-Philippians 4:6-7. 

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