Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31: Before I ever got my diagnosis, I already had the cure.

As I walked through the uncertainty of my tomorrows, I realized that I had to start listening or I wasn't going to make it. If the cancer didn't get me, the anxiety just might. When I started learning to listen, the healing happened. There was no audible voice, but He spoke to me through my community, the seasons, precious time away with my family, hair, my husband, a longing for heaven, the sunrise, “consequences”, His Word, my body, traditions, tragedies, inspired writers, and my parents. 

Once I started listening, I became confident that I was loved. It is a love that knows no limits. It is a love that never fails. It is a love that I hope you all know. In that love death loses it's sting, and there is amazing freedom to live.  

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