Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11

Participating in the 31 Days challenge is more about the listening than it is the writing. I have found that when I set my mind to the task of writing consistently for a period of time, my heart rate immediately quickens and the discouraging voices in my head grow louder.

“Will my written words convey my (and God's) heart well?”

“Will it sound like I am saying the same thing over and over?”

This is why I try to focus on spending more time listening. Listening is a lot easier when you learn, as my friend Caroline has, to love Silence

Oftentimes, it is a whisper that comes in something I read, a memory I recall, a song I hear, or a glimpse of beauty I behold. Sometimes it is more of a tug from a heart prompting I feel. Occasionally, it is more of a scream that comes from the chaos our everyday life holds
Today it came in this:

This was the backdrop for our dinner date last night while enjoying a few days away in Saint Augustine, FL. Other than it being the current home to a few of our favorite people, it is where Blake and I met while studying PT twelve years ago. With views like this, it is not hard to understand why it is such a special place. 

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