Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9

I am surrounded by a lot of strong women (like the kind that don't get epidurals in order to birth babies). I would never have considered myself one of those. In fact, there have been many a time that quitting came a little too naturally when something got too tough for me. When I think back to the ride home from our consultation with the breast surgeon on the day I was given my formal diagnosis, I remember saying to my husband, “I don't think I can do this.” In those moments, I didn't feel I had it in me to fight. Quickly, I realized there was no choice but to fight.

Being a native of Maryland and always having aspirations of being an athlete, I have become a big fan of the UnderArmour brand. When I realized they brought out a line called “Power in Pink” every October for Breast Cancer Awareness and donated to various breast cancer fighting organizations, I was super excited. I even submitted my story last year in an effort to be one of the 2012 Power in Pink Ambassadors. It didn't happen for me, but that hasn't stopped me from sporting as much of the Power in Pink gear as I possibly can. In fact, I have a new favorite shirt that you just might get sick of seeing me wear!

As I mentioned, in the days before cancer I would never have considered myself much of a fighter. But then I was called out. I was forced to step up, to stretch beyond my limits and go to battle. Now I get to wear a T-shirt that claims it.

This past week, I heard the sad news that my boss and friend lost his mom to Metastatic Breast Cancer. I never met Ms. Donna but in all the stories I have heard there is no better description for her than “Fighter”. She exceeded all of her doctor's expectations, living eight and half years beyond her diagnosis of Stage IV Breast Cancer. She was her own best advocate during her treatment process, thereby inspiring many other women to fight like she did. This post is dedicated to her and all the others who have battled or are currently battling Metastatic Breast Cancer.

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