Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2

This verse has great significance for me.  It became my journey verse as I walked through some of the scariest days of my life. It even made it onto a t-shirt designed by a sweet friend.  And although I still cling to the message of this verse, there is more to it.  

It was Tuesday, July 26, 2011 and I had just had a mammagram and ultrasound that revealed two masses in my right breast that the Radiologist believed was most likely cancer.  Suddenly my future, my life became a question mark. And as I cried out to God, Psalm 143:8 were the words He gave me.  I took them in and made them personal to my life because in my hour of need, The Lord had met me there with these words.  

Today I am reminded that yes, each new day of my journey His unfailing love was undeniable and yes there was not one dreaded step of the process that He didn't show me the way I should go.  But I am also reminded that I have a very Personal God who knew my situation and knew what I needed in that moment. Most importantly, I am reminded that He still does. 

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