Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 22

This is my Monday morning commute. At first glance one might notice a whole bunch of brake lights. At second glance, you might be proud to see that I have left several car lengths between me and the car in front of me (mostly because I am taking a picture while driving-eek!) But really I was hoping you might be able to notice the pink sky that met me on my way to work this morning.

It was a sweet reminder of a six month period that I did not make this drive because I was recovering from surgeries and chemotherapy. It was a period of time that made me better able to appreciate the extraordinary opportunity I have to work part-time outside of our home.

It has been eleven and a half years since I graduated from my physical therapy program while living in one of my favorite places on earth. I have had several jobs and worked with many different therapists, techs and patients in that time. I wouldn't say I loved every one of the jobs I have ever had, but I have always loved being a PT.

I love educating people about their bodies and taking care of themselves. I love that I don't sit behind a desk and sometimes even get to exercise. I love that I get to use my hands and offer the power of a caring touch. I love that I currently work with a staff of supportive and loving people who have become like family to me.

Perhaps, the part I love the most is that I get to spend time with people and hear their stories....they are usually hurting people looking for healing. While I do not believe that I can fix every dysfunction or take every symptom away, I do believe that my salt and light have the ability to make them better than when they came in.

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