Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 13

This pink house was where I called home for about 8 months while I completed my education. I am reminded that sometimes the blessing is in an experience we have that sets the course for the rest of our lives. That is how I feel about the time I got to spend from January of 2000 until April of 2002 living in St. Augustine, Florida.

This weekend, Blake and I are spending some time away in this very special place. As we drive around town, lie on the beach, visit with friends, and eat out at many of our favorite places, it is hard not to reminisce about our time here.

We each had moved to St. Augustine (him from Hawaii and me from Maryland) to earn a doctorate in physical therapy. Although, we started the program together in the same class, it wasn't until about a year into it that we started studying together and eventually realized we might be more than just study buddies. I'm pretty sure he always planned to return to paradise in Hawaii but somehow found himself settling with me in Maryland.

When we lived here it didn't always feel like the incredible vacation destination we now enjoy and enjoyed as a family last year. While in school, most of our days were spent either in class or stuck inside a Starbucks or cadaver lab studying til our brains felt like they would explode.

But now every time we return here, there is an excitement. Not only is it where it all began for the two of us, but many of our best friendships have ties here. It is one of those places that pulls you in with its charm, impresses you with it's sunshine, beautiful beaches and yummy food, and leaves you incredibly sad to leave. At least this is what it never fails to do for us.

A few of the highlights from this trip:
{Our bubble bath beach on the first day}
{a PINK sunset sky while out to dinner}

{SUP Boarding with Joanna}

{The Scines in their new home}

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