Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 26

Nothing quite prepares you to hear the words “you have cancer”. Although there is comfort in the promise from Jesus himself that we have the help of the Overcomer when trouble shakes our life (John 16:33), being ready to face all that cancer entails is a completely separate thing. I remember the overwhelming anxiety of the unknowns that came with the initial diagnosis. 

Suddenly my life was emptied of priorities, expectations, schedule and I was forced to look at only the day ahead of me. My nurse navigator told me during that first consultation that my head would be swimming for a while but my thinking would become more clear as I was made aware of each next step. This bit of advice was partly the reason that Psalm 143:8 holds such significance.

I should have known my nurse navigator, Amy was to be trusted. I felt that she was a provision from The Lord the moment she stepped into the room and introduced herself that first day. There were others besides Amy that helped prepare me for each step of my journey. For needle biopsies, I had sonogram techs, Amy and Jennifer. For my MRI, I had a tech named Cara. For my genetic testing, I had my friend and sister, Jen to sit next to me and take in the meaning of BRCA 1 and 2's. For surgery, I had my best friend's mom, Debbi and home health nurse, Ann to give me practical suggestions for an “easier” recovery. For chemo, I had my breast sister, Cathy who provided an email of practical suggestions for an “easier” recovery from the poison hangover.

As I sit here two years later recalling all of these special ladies that helped prepare me for each next step, I better understand why it has become so important to me to provide the care packages for women who are about to undergo surgery for breast cancer. It is also why today meant so much to me. 

Today was the first of what we hope will be an annual event to bring awareness to breast cancer while collecting donations for the care packages, or kits. Early this morning in really cold temperatures, we had several friends and family join us for a “Think Pink” Run/Walk. We are so thankful to all who participated and filled our pink boxes with items to help prepare those facing this terrifying next step in their journey.

Do you know of someone that is facing breast cancer surgery and may benefit from some preparation with one of our kits? 

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