Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4

There is an attribute of Jesus that has such great importance to me since two years ago when I walked through my treatment process.  The book of Matthew in the New Testament is full of stories about Jesus healing the sick. {We happen to be studying Matthew this year in Bible Study Fellowship International (BSF) so I am really excited.}  Many came to Jesus with faith that He was the One that could restore their health. Some came with all the faith in the world and some came with that of a mustard seed.

On one of the evenings before my biopsy that confirmed that I did in fact have breast cancer, a group of our friends all came to our house to pray.  We prayed that there would be no tumors to stick a needle into. We didn't pray that prayer just to say it, we really believed that God could do that.  I still believe He could have. But I also believe He uses other means today to allow for healing.  There are amazing minds at work in the field of medicine and advances that were certainly not available in the days that Jesus walked the earth.  

Sometimes the healing comes in the provision of a superb team of doctors that have the perfect blend of compassion and knowledge.  Sometimes the healing isn't physical at all but comes in the whispers of God when we seek him in our distress.  Sometimes the healing comes in the love poured out on us from the community around us.  And sometimes the healing comes when He chooses to take us from this world to enjoy heaven and His Presence forever.

{Today was a reminder of my physical healing through my friends at the Breast Center during my survivorship follow-up appointment. I got to bring a lil power in pink along with me.}

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